Satan’s On a Rampage – 4

Everything You Should Know

H John & Jean Millman-Johnsen


Table of Contents – Part 4

Satan’s Rampage – 4: Everything You Need to Know
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Shocking Facts About Satan’s Rampage of Sin

Why Is Satan Doing This And what’s His Purpose?

His Beginning Time Mission

His Present Time Mission

How Does Satan Cause Us To Sin?

So What Does That Mean They Don’t Believe?

How Satan Secretly Influences You

The Real Problem Is Society

Is Starts With a Small Whisper

How Would You Know It’s Satan?

So Who Is Running This Evil Deception?

Who Is Really Running This?

How Does Satan Influence You?

An Example of Satan’s Simple But Devious Influence

Are You a Child of Satan? Test Yourself

3 Tips If You Think You’re Immune to Satan

8 Tips About Who Is Satan Really

8 Types of People That Are Affected By Satan

How Can You Fight Satan?

6 Facts You Need To Know To Break Satan’s Grip

Accepting Jesus Christ To Break Satan’s Influence

Can Satan Be Subdued and Defeated?

The Ongoing Battle For Your Soul

6 Thoughts To Ponder About Yourself

Need More Proof?

So, Why Is No One Talking About Satan?

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6 Facts You Need to Know to Break Satan’s Grip

Difficult, but it’s not impossible. This part can be simple or very hard depending on what you believe or think:

1. How much of a sinner are you? (We are all sinners, including myself, and admitting it is the first way to breaking Satan’s grip).

2. Do you truly want to stop sinning? If not, then why did you get this far in reading?

3. Are you a true Christian? True means you have faith, accepted Jesus Christ, pray daily, and read the Bible.

4. Are you a non-believer or atheist? You can also break Satan’s grip and you don’t need to change what you believe. Just read 1 & 2 if you feel sin has taken over your life. Why did you get this far in reading this post if you didn’t want to change things in your life?

5. You don’t believe Satan exists. Well, you probably realize after reading this that he does and now you understand how much your life is in his hands and not your own.

6. Do you want salvation? This is a question for those who want to accept that there is a heaven and will accept Jesus Christ and repent of their sins. Is that you?

Breaking Satan’s grip is to realize your sin and sinful nature and to avoid anything that causes or creates sin in your mind and thoughts. It will, at times, take a lot of effort but will be rewarding because, as you know, sin creates problems with your mind, health, and daily life.

Of course, there is another way to break his grip, and that is in the next chapter, “Accepting Jesus Christ.”

Accepting Jesus Christ to Break Satan’s Influence

The best and true way to keep Satan away is to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, repent of your sins, stop sinning, and spread the gospel to anyone and everyone as your redemption draws near. The day of the Lord is on the horizon.

In bible prophecy, events are happening even faster, and anyone familiar with it the Bible can see the changes occurring in the world on a daily basis.

Ephesians 6:11

If you fight Satan with Jesus as your protector, you will never stray if you stay a faithful believer.

As a non-Christian, you can also read and understand the Bible, or find a true Christian that can help guide you to Jesus Christ. Of course, you can quickly learn about Jesus and the amazing and wonderful things that he said and did in the chapters of John in the Bible. Jesus’s words will be in red, so you can find them quicker.

Can Satan Be Defeated And Subdued?

Not by you or me, but the best way to explain this is to direct you to Revelations in the Bible. To be exact: Revelations 19: 17-21. And the end to Satan’s rein: Revelations 20: 1-10. The Bible explains the Rapture, Tribulation, and the end of Satan’s power for which he will be imprisoned for 1000 years.

Fortunately for true Christians is that they will have been raptured (brought up to heaven) before that occurs so they won’t be here to see it, and that is a very happy and hopeful avoidance of the pain, suffering, anguish, and death that awaits those who ignore and refuse to repent of their sins.

1 Thessalonians 4: 13-18

So, to answer the question in the title… Satan can and will absolutely be defeated. But if you are a true Christian (repented and accepting Jesus Christ) then you will be raptured and avoid all the pain and death to those who remain on earth with Satan and the Antichrist.

Hope is for those who repent, have faith, and accept Jesus Christ. But, non-Christians and Atheists can receive salvation by changing their thinking and also accepting Jesus Christ, and repenting.

A note for non-believers: You don’t have to accept Jesus Christ to be free of Satan, but it makes it so much easier, and if you don’t mind being around when things get much worse (maybe you will be alive and maybe you won’t) in the world. If so, this post will not be convinced to rethink your current beliefs.

But we will pray for you no matter what.

The Ongoing Battle For Your Soul

For now and until his defeat, Satan will find every possible nook and cranny in your mind to show you that everything you do is wrong if it doesn’t fit into his agenda. What is his agenda? To continually steer you away from God, the Bible, Christianity, and the 10 Commandments.

It is a slow and steady process that whittles away at any good or righteous thinking or attitude you have and you won’t realize it is happening until you wake up and see how you are acting and thinking.

6 Thoughts to Ponder About Yourself

1. Have you lost your moral compass? Did you have one, to begin with? And don’t be offended. We all need to reinforce our moral compass in today’s out-of-control world.

2. Do you protest peacefully or discuss social events with understanding and compassion? Do you debate politics with calmness and the knowledge of both sides of an issue without anger and hate?

3. How do you reinforce or fix your moral compass? As a Christian realize what you say and do every day. Are you kind and compassionate or do you fit the stereotype of tough and hard that is a product of Satan?

4. As a non-Christian you can be caring, and compassionate and avoid anything sinful and hateful while being more righteous and helpful to others around you.

5. Remember, that Satan hates goodness, righteousness, compassion, understanding, and caring.

6. And, as a true Christian you can put on the Whole Armor of God and fight back with Jesus at your side. The only one who can truly defeat Satan.

Ephesians 6:11

Need More Proof of Satan?

Aside from looking at the world around you in social media, news and politics to see how evil is spreading like a plague, and hopefully you do see it, I have found some more Bible references you might be interested in:

1. The word Satan is mentioned 56 times in the Bible. The word devil 61 times. Lucifer only 1.

2. Evil is mentioned 469 times in the old testament, and 123 in the new testament.

3. The word Satan in Hebrew (the old testament) means adversary.

4. Pride is Satan’s downfall (and is for us as well). 1 Timothy 3:6

5. Bible description of Satan in Ezekiel 28:12-14 and 17.

6. Satan rebelled against God. Isaiah 14:12-14

7. Satan is a liar. John 8:44

8. Satan does have children (but not physically). John 8:44 / Matthew 13:36-40 / Acts 13:10 / 1 John 3:10

9. Lucifer is the Latin word for “Morning Star” before he fell from grace. Isaiah 14:12-15

10. Bible names for Satan: The tempter / Prince of demons / Adversary / Deceiver of the whole world / The great dragon / A liar.

11. Jesus mentions Satan 16 times in verses: Matthew 4:10 / John 8:44 / Mark 5:7-8 / Luke 10:17-19 / Matthew 4:7 / Matthew 25:4-1.

Some writers and preachers say that Satan does not rule all the evil beings. I say then “who does?” Of course they have no answers. DO YOU?

Satan is the first and only being that was evil, and no other is mentioned since he took over his reign on earth at the beginning of time.

The best thing for me to say is to look out for all things evil that will make your life miserable now or in the future.

So, Why Is No One Talking About Satan?

So, Why Is No One Talking About Satan?

When I say no one, I am talking about preachers, evangelists, clergy, TV evangelists or anyone writing or talking about the world events and the Bible.

OK, maybe a few, but very few. One reason is that we as humans don’t like to be reminded we are sinners (myself included), and talking about Satan reminds us of our sinful nature. Like the saying goes: “Out of sight, out of mind.” Except in this case if you are hoping for salvation.

I have a few more thoughts on the reason for not discussing Satan:

1. Perhaps the preachers, etc are sinners themselves and don’t want to discuss it and expose their thoughts.

2. The preachers, etc don’t want to offend the sinners in their church for the fear they will leave. Remember the “Out of sight” quote?

3. Our sinful pride forces us to ignore any and all sins. Yes, pride is a number one sin in the Bible, and Satan is very prideful.

4. Not sinning is hard, but a true, and repented Christian can fight with the help of the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ, and not sinning anymore

Without repentance, and sinning, we are assured to join Satan in hell.

But, there is hope in the Lord. Repent of your sins, stop sinning and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Put your trust in him and you will be in the Rapture with the Lord, while all non-accepts and repenters will still be on earth during the Tribulation, and will be dealing with a true hell on earth of wars, hate, anger, pestilence, earthquake, death and much more.

Want to know more, read Revelations.

Don’t be deceived by those who deny Satan or tell you God is causing your problems or doesn’t exist.

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We pray for all who fight to be free of Satan’s grip, for the hope of Jesus Christ, and for salvation in your life. and, for those who don’t we pray for you and hope you wake up.

John & Jean Johnsen

Our Ministry

P.S. If we are wrong we have had an excellent life with Jesus. For all who don’t accept Jesus and think they are right… what if you are wrong?


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