Spiritual Guidance Came At the Right Time

Spiritual guidance came. It’s amazing when you think about the stories you hear from other people about Divine spiritual guidance and how it affects them in many different ways.

Of course my story is no different but it just didn’t seem to stop with the poster designs.

I was working on the poster website design and things were going great for the most part. Learning a new WordPress software was a little challenging at first but it got much easier the further into the design I traveled.

It was time to design the blog banner. I already had several designs sketched out but as I started working in Photoshop I came to what I thought was an impasse. Sort of like the time when you can’t decided whether to the the carrots or the broccoli.

I put the design together and as I liked at it my mind went blank. I really couldn’t decide it it was right. so I tired several different alterations and nothing screamed at me. As a matter-of-fact it just sank like a deflated balloon.

I needed to get this done and move on the the poster designs so I decided to ask for spiritual guidance. After about 15 minutes the idea hit me like a thunderbolt. Of course thunderbolt strike designs usually don’t happen with me.

But this design had me incorporate Jesus and the holy Spirit into the design and it only made sense since that was were my inspiration was coming from.

After I put the design together in Photoshop I could see how it was the perfect design.

As far as I am concerned I believe and have faith that HE is always with me.

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