The Lord’s Surprise

This was a very interesting story that I was privileged to see and experience.

It started out while shopping at a home center for some items. We were walking around gathering up what was needed for our home when we went in different directions.

I headed back to the checkout and saw a family standing in front of me already checking out and saw two small children. Knowing that Jean loved children I looked back to see where she was and saw her coming towards me.

The Mother was attempting to put on her youngest child’s shoe when Jean asked if she needed help so the woman agreed and she helped her while smiling at the 1 1/2 year old who was smiling at her.

Out of the blue the child reached and strained to go to Jean who was not trying to hold her since the mother had a good grip. But the child was insisting by pulling away towards Jean. The mother said it was OK and the child grabbed hold of her and hugged her.

Of course the story could end there but it was actually just beginning. The mother asked Jean if she had any Grandchildren and she replied she does but doesn’t get to see her.

This small act with the child filled Jean with the love she wasn’t getting and showed her that the love she thought was coming from the child was actually Jean passing the love in her heart to the child.

The mother was completely surprised by the baby’s action and said she has never done that with any strangers.

To me it showed that the child must have felt the love that was emanating from Jean because we all have love in us from the Lord.

Don’t look for love from others because we are filled with our own…just show it to the ones we love and care for no matter what the situation.

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