Still Blaming God?

Still Blaming God? You Brought This On Yourself!

How many times have I heard people claim “God didn’t help me” or “God let them die.” Lots. Too many actually, and they blame God for all the bad things that happen in their lives. What about the good things? Who is responsible for them?

People probably believe they are responsible for the good things and God is responsible for the bad ones. A little crazy right?

Who do you believe is responsible for the good things? What about the bad ones?

Still Blaming God

Where does it come from? That is to blame God for things that happen? I feel it is from TV and being passed down from generation to generation. When you hear someone say “God caused this,” unless you understand how God works you tend to pick up that though and bring it along on your journey through life.

God, for many unfortunately, does exist. But for many more does not. So, who complains when something goes wrong and wants to blame God?

Believers, non-believers, or atheists. I would dare to say all of them!

God, for the most part is accepted by some non-believers and atheists. But God is also different to each one. Who God is depends on what you believe.

However, anyone you ask would most likely tell you that God is all powerful. So, God also controls everything that happens? Once again, that depends on your worldly belief.

Are you an atheist?
Are you religious?
Are you a non-believer?

Blaming God mostly comes down to what you believe.

Are you religious?
Do you really believe in God?
Who is your God? An idol God or Holy Bible God?
Is God who you would pray to?
Do you pray either as a religious or atheist person?
If you are religious, do you pray to God?
How do you pray to God and what do you pray for?

Blaming God

God and prayer generally go hand in hand for religious people because God is the Holy Bible. But what if you don’t believe in the Holy Bible or God’s prophetic word? Then, most likely, you would not be praying to what you believe.

I can do all this through him who gives me strength.
Philippians 4:13

Yet, I have heard non-believers blaming God for things that didn’t go their way, and for me that doesn’t make much sense. How do you pray to something you don’t really believe or better yet why would you? And then expect something. Why would God even answer you?

Perhaps to make yourself feel better or take the guilt off your shoulders. Guilt is a powerful force making us suffer until we can relieve it by passing it on the someone or something else. And, that would be God with belief or non-belief. It really doesn’t matter. Just get rid of the guilt.

Look at it this way. When we do something wrong we usually will not blame ourselves but cast if off on others, TV, social media or whatever comes to mind. What we really need to do, and I am not therapist. is to understand what really happened and why it happened.

Once we get to that point, we can focus on why we feel the way we do, and not blame God or someone else. Take responsibility for your own actions.

EXCEPT. You are forgetting one thing. Do you believe in evil? If you do then you should know that Satan is the one who rules the earth at this time. Look around you at all the evil that is growing daily, and Satan is the one who creates the chaos. He wants humanity to fall, and he thinks he can take over heaven and the earth. So much so, that the world is quickly darkening with evil.

I seek you with all my heart; do not let me stray from your commands.
Psalm 119:10

But there is hope for true Christians in redemption through Jesus Christ, and knowing that Satan’s plans in the end will fail.

As a Christian, you can ask God to strengthen the Holy Spirit in you, and guide you through your day in words and actions. Let the Holy Spirit help guide you through the day!

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Blessings to you from God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.

H John & Jean
Our Divided World Ministry

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