Volunteering Is Important

Today with everyone’s busy schedules, volunteering in not at the top of the list. But volunteering is important no matter what your schedule.

You can volunteer at food banks, hospitals, churches, nursing homes and even for a neighbor. Of course, volunteering during Covid will change things somewhat. There will be the required masks and social distancing, but each organization does things differently.

We recently volunteered at a church food pantry last December. Normally people would come in a pick up the items they wanted, but it was done differently since Covid. The bags of food were on tables and we were there to hand them to the people in their cars as they moved past. We all wore masks and so did the drivers and people in the cars in line.

Deltona Pantry
Deltona Food Pantry

So, the experience was the same, but the masks were the only difference. Oh, except the line was much longer. At least 70 cars came through until all the donated for was gone…until the next food drive.

Volunteering your time is a rewarding experience knowing you can help those that need the help.

Volunteering at food banks is not the only way. How about your elderly or shut in neighbor? I am sure they wouldn’t mind some assistance, but wear a mask and be sure you will have the time to help before asking.

There are a lot of volunteer opportunities near you, so just do a Google search for “volunteering near me” and review the current list. Always check with the organization to see what current help they need and their Covid requirements. You will find the need is great.


You can also check with your local churches to see if they have food banks that need assistance. Meals on Wheels is another great service to volunteer for, but I don’t now how they are handling the Covid situation.

One thing I can say is that volunteering gives you a feeling of caring and compassion and a great feeling knowing you are helping others in need.

We all need to do our part and help the needy and elderly as our part of being human beings and God’s creations.

Blessings to everyone,
John & Jean

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