Generation to Generation

Generation to Generation

As children we all learn from older adults and siblings.

This cycle continues in each generation.

We learn from them hate, anger, prejudice, bullying and anti-social behavior.

Was this planned?

No but we were present when any of these things happened and it made you think the behavior was OK unless it was corrected.

Our parents weren’t bad either they just learned from theirs and so on down the line.

Today these bad traits are becoming the normal way of life so we need to stop it with our own children.

Break the link to bad and destructive behavior by teaching them compassion, love, forgiveness, patience and understanding is the right way to act.

Not doing it now will make your life miserable when they blame you for getting them into trouble by not teaching them the right way to behave.

If you did teach them then you did the right thing even if they decide to go in a different direction away from the things that make life good.

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John J
Our Divided World

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