Next Greatest Story Page Re-design

After looking at the story of the Divine posters page I realized it is long and lengthy and some won’t want to wade through the long sentences. So I have broken it down into short sentences and each with a simple headline for much easier reading.

It will take a little to to re-design the page but I should have it up and running shortly. That is unless I get a barrage of new poster ideas to work on.

Right now I am finishing up the May posters and have the June ones ready to be designed just sitting in folders on my desktop. anyone I my mailing list will be updated as soon as the June posters are on the website.

If you want to be updated for all now and future posters just sing up for free and you will only get emails when each month is completed. I don’t like a lot of emails myself so I made this much easier and less frustrating.

Also; please pass alone this website so other can benefit from the Divine posters. Thank and Bless you.


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