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I decided to respond to these comments on a Facebook spiritualist group. don’t remember the name of the group or who wrote the comments just that they needed to get a response.

(Note: The spiritualist group posts were just cut and pasted into this article, so the spelling is as it was and not corrected here.)

  1. Because the body is apart of creation.. not just something that benefits the creation. It takes roughly 84 million births to create a human so I would say it needs time to evolve like everything else.

My curiosity comes about the 84 million births number. How is that calculated and by whom?

2. If you can grasp that there’s no good or evil, then it may be relatively easy to figure out why souls wouldn’t “advance”….without a way of measuring good/bad, who’s to say what’s better or more advanced?

Great concept, except I think that good and bad people may not be better or more advanced than others. For example, a bad person might be more advanced but lost and a good person not better than the bad one.

3. We reincarnate as a result of karma, once we are free from karma we transcend the cycle of life and death

To understand this, this means once transcended you will be here on earth forever? What do you do while you are here and why are you here?

4. What if we are all god just experiencing self in many different forms?The laws of the universe maybe just in place to bring order to chaos (creation.)

An interesting thought. If that is the case then why not change the chaos? God can do that, right?

5. I think each of our souls have our own reasons. One theory some I’ve known have had is that this plane is like a sort of hub where we can meet souls from numerous different planes that we can learn things from. 

Is there any definition of “planes” and what can be learned from those souls?

6. Karma is not real, but reincarnation is. The purpose of reincarnation is to help be a light for others or to refine your soul’s experiences, to eventually quit incarnating, and be able to pass through the gates of heaven. 

If I am to understand that reincarnation is real. If that is the case where are the millions (over time many. Might even be billions) of people who have passed. Reincarnation means the world will be very overcrowded in every single country. Agreed that there is real overcrowding in some but hardly all. 

7. We advance when we activate our dna and can get past the dark ones trapping systems, take our power back, elevate our consciousness, and climb back up the dimensional ladder.

My time in science showed me that our DNA is already working by forming our bodies and all the millions of parts we have. Isn’t that how they can find out what is in your body and solve crimes? If this is true (according to many scientists and medical professionals) how do you activate what is already activated?

8. Spirit NEEDS to descend into the lower worlds in order to learn ‘new’ things not easily available in the spirit world.

What is the “lower world” and where is it? Have you been there and what did you see?

9. It’s not only about ethics. That’s a matter of character. Reincarnation is a dream to build something more advanced. And that’s becoming an adept. Being an adept is the completion of that dream.

Great thought. I guess you can say that anyone who advances or changes unhealthy behavior becomes adept at being a better person. The Bible reinforces that same type of thinking.

10. we reincarnate to Become!! become more spiritual, until we move passed form and onto a spiritual realm, Light and Love

Are you not able to become more spiritual before “reincarnation” by becoming more loving and caring on earth?

11. Some believe reincarnation is a trap to recycle souls! I mean none of us know why we come here! It’s all speculation…I personally believe it’s not voluntary that we come here! If we did they wouldn’t wipe all of our memory!

Who “wipes the memory” and why? And if wiped how would you know what to do in your next reincarnation?

12. Like in what kind of crazy ideal do people get punished for things they were never aware of doing? I think we should all just be good people and hopefully we don’t reincarnate back into this crap world.

Curious about how people get punished for “things they were never aware of doing”? Were they under the influence of drugs or alcohol? Conned by others? Or just not wanting to know what they were doing?

13. The idea nothing is good or evil is moral relativism. It doesn’t really have a place in a civil society. Evil is being “blind from God” or acting in pure self interest, on to inflicting cruelty.

Agreed. It seems that is exactly what is now happening in the world.

14. Nothing is good or evil. It just is. Its people who feel the need to make things good or bad. People need names for things to make them feel more secure is all. Being, doesn’t require an explanation. It just is.

I love the idea of “nothing is good or evil” but doesn’t that contradict the next sentence? I agree that people need to name things, but perhaps these things were named centuries ago to let people know what is “good or “bad”

15. Good and evil does not exist. Only learning and experience. We reincarnate to experience. What our human personalities categorize as good and evil is just the natural atomic polarity of the universe.

This has me perplexed. “Good and evil do not exist.” If that is true how can you explain all the problems, turmoil, prisons, hate, and anger in the world today? And what is “natural atomic polarity?”

16. We reincarnate to have further experiences and help our soul evolve

Is it not possible to evolve right now by doing the right things? A soul/person can easily evolve once they know they need to. Change can happen if wanted.

17. Earth is the school you come to so master manifestation, everything is an experience people egos just often get in the way and confuse the souls of those who really came here to learn.

Where do you come from to go to this “earthly school”? Egos definitely get in the way of learning, understanding, compassion, and helping others.

18. Karma is just basically whatever you put out, you get back. Whether it’s good or bad is up to you. Incarnation is to advance. Each incarnation is a new lesson that helps the soul and the collective learn and and grow

That is so true and so much in the Bible. Not worded the same but each time you change something in your life for the better you advance in a good way. For instance, being a bad person is one stage, and becoming a better person is the next.

19. Your Soul knows everything , i mean everything , but it likes a game of remembering ..So it puts you in a place to experiance , to remember everything , and this can take forever as far as the Soul is concerned , But we will all get to the same path of experiance in the end

If the soul knows everything why do we have to learn anything? To try and understand this; if I can remember I will remember everything? As you wrote “it can take forever”, so what is the point of knowing everything if you won’t be here forever to use any of it?

20. When you are in your awakening journey, you will slowly understand that everything is ephemeral, and thus, you will let go of unnecessary things. Thus, the healing will slowly take place, and you will gradually enjoy the benefits.

Now, this seems exactly like what the Bible mentions throughout its pages. Letting go of unnecessary things in your life. Luke 12:15

21. I believe it depends on how far you have gone to the other side. I perfected negativity. So for me, it took quit a while to get to a comfortable place. However, I am still healing and will for the rest of my life. Since the Ego is where negativity resides, getting that part under control is key.

This is confusing for me. Why would you perfect negativity? I do agree with the ego being negative.

22. actually when you hit the darknight of the soul and start questioning everything and ultimately learning surrender and forgiveness on an epic scale is when the healing starts

Agreed. The dark soul (or the devil) will keep you from forgiveness as is told in the Bible. I find it interesting that a lot of the comments are  written in the Bible, so yes…we all have a lot to learn in healing.

23. After spiritual awakening…or simply awakening, ‘suffering’ doesn’t doesn’t matter as much !

That would make sense if you didn’t suffer anything after the “spiritual awakening” but I guess it depends on the meaning of “suffering.”

24. The more you heal the more you awaken, the more you awaken the more you realize there is to heal. One thing is for sure, there is a perspective shift.

Without a doubt. I was healed through Jesus Christ and your comment is exactly what happened to me. The “perspective shift” was the change my life really needed.

25. Suffering is a choice. Resistance is Suffering.

In a way, this makes sense and then again no sense. Why would I want to suffer? And, why is “resistance” suffering? I would think resistance could be suffering depending. Are you talking about physical or mental suffering? 

26. Spiritual awakening is healing bc it’s ripping the bandaid off but strong minded you will be, if it doesn’t make you lose your mind bc it is a lot to take in and for some too overwhelming…. the one thing to always remember is that God comes for the awakened and that in its self is absolutely amazingly beautiful

All I can comment to this one is “Amen”, specifically for the last sentence

I found all these answers in a spiritualist forum on Facebook and wanted to respond as an article so others can read the post and then my comment without having to go back and forth through the forum pages.

I hope this brings some understanding to the Transcendental community which believes that the physical world is an illusion and that man is said to be impersonal. And that personal existence produces suffering in life and you have to eliminate the physical realm of existence.

Personally, I wonder how many have actually done any of that and completely eliminated suffering? And, as a religion, I have to wonder who they actually pray to?

Blessings and peace to all,
John & Jean
Evangeciples (Evangelists & Disciples)

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