Are You a Lazy Christian?

I imagine some of you reading this headline might be instantly offended by the word “Lazy”. Why? I’m not sure but you know the old phrase “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”? Well the same goes for blog posts that have questionable headlines.

Please read on.

You work hard and do all you need to sustain your Christian life; but do you really? Again, don’t be offended but please continue reading.

Being a true Christian means spreading His word to others just as the Disciples. Of course, there are those who preach and others who read the Bible and pass on their knowledge. Which one are you?

I understand you might be too busy or just waiting for the right time but when would be the right time? Now? Next week? Next month?

Or maybe you feel it is not your responsibility. If not you then who?

Asking God for help and not considering helping a fellow Christian (or non-Christian) is very hypocritical. There are people (friends,family or neighbors) who are suffering and could use someone to guide them to His word.

You are probably thinking “How can I help them I am no preacher”. You don’t need to be a preacher; just let them how God helped you in your time of need to encourage them to move on and grow in a Christian life. It is that simple and will bring a great change of thinking to someone who is down or hurting.

Keep in mind there are those who will and are seriously undermining our Christian values if we stay silent and say nothing. Help all the lost and hurting that you can and be the great Christian you already are.

Bless you and stay Christian Strong.

Our Divided World

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