Are the Christian Groups Working to Help You?

I am sure everyone in the Christian groups are doing all they can to help other Christians to the best of their abilities.

But a lot of times many stressful or debilitating issues might not be able to be helped by any groups; without constant reminders of possible solutions to get past any issues.

Focusing on the solutions and not the problem is the only way to find relief and solve whatever is troubling. Focusing on the problem is the best way to keep the problem in the forefront and only add to the frustration. The only way out is through the solution.

The Divine Posters (Scriptural, Spiritual and Social) cover an very wide range of issues, and problems and can easily be used as a daily reminder of the ways to help cope.

Just copy and decide where to put it on your desktop, bulletin board, refrigerator or in your phone screen); and now you can see it anytime you desire to help get you back on track.

All the poster images are free for your personal use (commercial use requires approval). You can use as many as you like without cost or obligation. Courtesy of the Holy Spirit since I could not have done the posters without.

Use them as a daily reminder to give you strength to go on or at least make the problems easier to deal with. That is the purpose of the Divine posters; to help as many as possible without obligation or reward.

So if these posters can help you; why not pass the word about them to others just as the Disciples did back in Jesus time and as many are already doing today.

Jesus helped others without reward and so we should do the same as Christians and human being. Become a Poster Disciple and help others in need.

I pray that the posters bring you relief and help you move forward.

God’s Glory.

Our Divided World

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