Can You Trust Christians?

Can You Trust Christians?

The biggest problem with that question is grouping a group of people into one lump, so it’s easy to say yes if you only know one Christian you don’t like for whatever reason.

I have heard people tell me the same thing, so I am not surprised knowing what I do know.

Let’s try this. Do you trust social media posters, celebrities, politicians, or website designers? Since you already bunched the Christians together I guess you will be bunching up these groups too.

But why?

In my past, I had a tendency to bunch people together and in time I realized it was just a few and not a whole group that was the problem. Kind of like the rotten apples in the barrel story and if you are not sure it goes like this – “Don’t let one rotten apple spoil the whole barrel.” It is also the same as – “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

We all have the mindset of grouping people because of what we hear from others. History tells us about groups of bad people and we automatically associate the ones not involved with also being bad. We learn this from family and friends that might have had a bad time with someone so they hate the whole group.

Christians fall into that same concept. There is always one that spoils the rest. Sure there are those that claim to be Christians who don’t practice its meaning after leaving the church. There are Christians that do bad things and even ones against the Bible that they say they believe. So, how can they call themselves a Christian if they don’t follow Christian teaching?

Easy. They just use the word as their label. “I am a Christian”.

So, my response is that I call myself an Evangelist (not Evangelical). I have heard many stories of people calling themselves Christians and doing despicable things. Unfortunately, today, Christianity is full of hypocrites, but hypocrisy is part of all humanity and all generations.

We need to be less hypocritical and much more forgiving.

Don’t let others influence your decision about bringing faith into your life. That decision is yours, so don’t be influenced or fooled by others.

Here are a few questions:

  1. Can you be a Christian and not believe in God?
  2. Can you trust Christians?

Keep in mind that your beliefs and values are important and don’t make you less of a person. Being called a Christian is just a title. What really matters is how you interact with others.

Here are my answers to the questions above:

  1. No. A Christian is someone who believes in God and Jesus Christ. If you don’t believe in either you are not a true Christian and the Bible does explain that if you need proof.
  2. It depends. Are you trusting them to hold your money? Then, no. Only my very closest friend or family. If it’s to help you with scripture, then that’s a yes. As long as they are knowledgeable enough.

Now all you have to do is to eliminate the title “Christian”and decide who you trust. But as always be careful who you trust with your heart because it is vulnerable and easily swayed.

Blessed to all reading this.
John & Jean
Evangeciples (Evangelist and Disciple)

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