The November Divine Posters For You

I am getting back on track with the November Divine Posters. Once again they are already completed, but needed to be posted on our website.

Well they are posted and here is one. I hope you enjoy them and that they have some meaning for you and you are able to pass them on to family and friends.

The ideas for new posters keep coming and I keep putting them in my sketch book. There are times when I might be reading or watching TV and an idea comes to mind. Other times I might be out or even a few times sleeping when the ideas come.

Some More Posts to Enjoy

It seems that my path is continuing because I already have the designs for the December posters in my sketch book ready to be worked on in Photoshop.

December should be interesting since it inspires Christmas designs. However; these designs are either Scriptural, Spiritual or social in design. So, it does leave out Santa, trees and gifts, but I might just add a few for fun.

Not sure if they will get posted before Christmas, but everyone have a great Christmas and don’t forget about neighbors that have less and the elderly who might not have anyone.

Sharing your Christmas with others is really what part of the holiday is about. And remembering our Lord’s birthday is the real part before it became so commercialized.

“Please let others know about our posters. Remember sharing is caring and if you have any thoughts about the poster please let us know below”.

Our Divided World

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