Do You Like the Social Climate?

Like this and like that even if you don’t want to.
Agree with me and agree with us even if you think differently.
You can’t say this and can’t say that even if it is good and kind.
Accept this and accept that even if you believe differently.

It seems that social media and the news is slowly forcing things we don’t want or agree with down our throats. Forcing us to agree or be chastised or bullied by those whose agenda is not like our own.

The proof is out there and it is being sent in slow drips so it is not immediately recognized for what it is…forced mind changing.

Now that doesn’t mean in the hypnotic way but the subliminal way.

Think about all the changes that have been made over the past years.

Eliminating prayer, removing spiritual images, don’t say this or that since someone might be offended, forced acceptance of groups that you don’t believe in, fake news and bullying social media posts if you don’t agree with.

I am all for being tolerant but if I believe in God, don’t tell me I have to accept things outside that belief.

The Solution.

Not sure there is one. But there will always be those who will not budge from their personal agenda of forcing their beliefs. the best we can do as Christians and Spiritualists is to forgive them and move forward. We can help those wanting help and enlightenment through our gracious and caring hearts.

The other thing to do is to stay away from social media and TV if it affects your own morality. Your heart is the most precious thing and you should guard it from those who would change it in a bad way.

Another solution is to post the posters on these pages. They are free to use and the more exposure they bring the more it might change the thinking of the haters and agenda pushers.

But we can only hope and pray. My agenda is to be able to change one mind that has gone astray and needs help.

Our Divided World

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