The August Divine Posters

I know what you are probably thinking that it is October and he is just getting to the August posters.

Yeah I would have thought that myself but not realizing that the poster designs keep going on a daily basis I would definitely change that thinking.

I am not behind except of the calendar. The posters are still being sketched out in the book and ready for Photoshop work.

Then of course there is the design work of this website and lots of it to get it finished. This is not an excuse but a reality. I need the website to have a place for the posters.

Below are a few of the August posters and you can find these and the others at: Scriptural Posters, Spiritual Posters, Social Posters

Anyway the August posters had been added to the poster pages for your viewing pleasure. And it should be a pleasure unless you aren’t into love, peace, caring, understanding, forgiveness and grace.

But why wouldn’t you be? Those are the things that make life great even with its ups and downs. Plus it can make them a little easier to bear.

I hope you enjoy the August posters and will let me know what you think about them.

Our Divided World

FYI. I am currently working on the September posters.

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