Don’t Believe in the Holy Spirit? I Have Proof

So, you don’t believe in the Holy Spirit? That’s OK. As Christians or as anyone believing in something you can’t see is very hard. Even the faithful grapple with this same thing.

We are so used to ‘seeing is believing’ that we can’t grasp the idea of the invisible. We think we have seen ghosts or some type of apparition but weren’t sure if it was real or imagined.

Invisibility can be hard to accept unless it is in the movies.

Think about this. You already accept the fact that you breathe air…which is invisible. You drink water…which is also invisible (or see through). So why couldn’t you accept the Holy Spirit which is why we already have those things and are alive.

For me accepting the Holy Spirit took a long time. Especially so because I was not into praying or churchgoing.

“Then He breathed on them and said receive the Holy Spirit” John 20:22

As my story explains; I was truly lost and it took Jean and time for me to find my way and my path. And it was actually a very simple transition. No bells and whistles or horns. Just a new and better way to live my life and for the much better.

You can read My Story and understand better how I came to accept the holy Spirit in my life full-time.

OK. Now you are still wondering…where is ‘your proof’.

My proof is this the over 400 (and continuing) poster designs that are being done on a daily basis without me having much thought as to what is next. Who does that? Who do you know that is designing posters at least one or two a day for the past year and a half and still going?

My explanation is simply that the Holy Spirit is guiding me. I know from my past experience in advertising and marketing that designing a poster can take several days to weeks to complete.

Every morning when I awake I ask the Holy Spirit to guide me and give me the wisdom to see the new poster ideas and designs. And every morning I work on either the posters or this website and get guidance with the words or designs each and every time.

“I am only the designer. The Holy Spirit is the creator”, H John

I am sure it is hard to believe but I am telling you this would not have been possible without the help of the Holy Spirit. Ask anyone you know that does graphic design if they could come up with one, two or three good poster designs a day for over 1 1/2 years and still going…with the words, colors, images and graphics…and make each one completely different.

If you know someone like that please let them get in touch with me since they are probably also blessed with the Holy Spirit.

Our Divided World

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