Satan’s On A Rampage – 1

Everything You Should Know

H John & Jean Millman-Johnsen


Table of Contents – Part 1

Satan’s Rampage 101: Everything You Need to Know

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Shocking Facts About Satan’s Rampage of Sin

Why Is Satan Doing This And What’s His Purpose?

His Beginning Time Mission

His Present-Time Mission

How Does Satan Cause Us To Sin?

So What Does That Mean They Don’t Believe?

How Satan Secretly Influences You

The Real Problem Is Society

It Starts With a Small Whisper

How Would You Know It’s Satan?

So Whose Running This Evil Deception?

Whose Really Running This?

How Does Satan Really Influence You?

An Example of Satan’s Simple But Devious Influence

Are You a Child of Satan? Test Yourself

3 Tips If You Think You’re Immune to Satan

8 Tips About Who Is Satan Really

8 Types of People That Are Affected By Satan

How Can You Fight Satan?

6 Facts You Need To Know To Break Satan’s Grip

Accepting Jesus Christ To Break Satan’s Influence

Can Satan Be Subdued and Defeated?

The Ongoing Battle For Your Soul

6 Thoughts To Ponder About Yourself

Need More Proof?

So, Why Is No One Talking About Satan?

More Information

Shocking Facts About Satan’s Rampage of Sin

OK, you might be wondering why we would want to write a multi-article about “Satan Is On a Rampage?” The one who creates all the evil in the world and caused and causes man’s downfall.

This IS NOT a tribute or praise for Satan. It is the How and Why you do what you do and how to avoid it and fix your life for the better.

The answer is because no one discusses the way he truly is, and some don’t even believe he exists, thanks to Hollywood, Satan’s press agent, that he is a reasonably good guy. Also, the clergy hardly ever speaks of him (not sure why) and many (including Christians) have no clue he even exists (even those who have read the Bible, but I’m not sure why that is either). Barna Survey 2009.

Most American Christians Do Not Believe that Satan or the Holy Spirit Exist – Barna Group – (Link opens up in a new window)

Since the beginning of time with Adam and Eve, Satan has been growing his earthly kingdom by causing people to sin against God’s word and righteousness. And today, his kingdom is growing by leaps and bounds and continues to get larger as people get caught up in hate, anger, violence, killings, abortion, gender dysphoria, etc.

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Not sure? Just look at how things were in society ten, twenty, or thirty years ago and compare them to the present time. Technology has taken over people’s lives and not in a good way. Everything you do is monitored and fed back to you each time you go online. Is Big Brother watching you? Nope. He is regulating and monitoring every single thing you do, buy, and say, and that is part of Satan’s grand scheme to prepare for the Antichrist’s near-future reign.

“We sincerely hope that as you read this you will decide for yourself if Satan exists and is creating havoc in your life, or if his doesn’t exist. It’s your free will.”

— John & Jean Johnsen

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Why Is Satan Doing This And What’s His Purpose?

His Beginning Time Mission

Satan wanted to take over heaven and tried to wrestle it away from God, but lost the battle and was kicked out and sent to earth with his evil angel minions. God allowed him to take over the earth to see how people would deal with good and evil and their God-given free will. Satan has a lot of evil minions to spread his word of evil and cause even righteous (in their minds) people to falter and eventually fall.

Satan Banished From Heaven

As time went on, Satan started employing unknowing people to help spread his word of evil by convincing them that God really doesn’t exist and to ignore righteousness. It’s the same way he convinced Eve to eat the forbidden fruit in Genesis in the Bible. As time goes on, he employs more and more so-called Christians, people of other faiths, non-believers, and atheists to do his bidding without them being the wiser or even making them think it’s their idea.

His Present-Time Mission

Fast forward to our present time (with all the centuries of evil before), Satan is stepping up his evil plan of marketing and advertising to convince you that your integrity and faith are nothing but things in your way of power and money. Sure, money makes it easier to live today, but it also has a corrupting and degrading effect on those who have it and those who want it.

What corruption? Stealing, cheating,
lying, and deception.

Satan is very sneaky and as time went on, he started convincing more of his followers, including the 39 members of Heaven’s Gate, to commit barbiturate suicide. Manson told his followers to go on a killing spree. Koresh believed he could talk to God and an eventual standoff led to him aiding in the death of 75 people. Jones of the People’s Temple used cyanide to kill over 900. Do I need to write more?

Just look around at the news and you will see Satan’s rampage live and in full color… red. This is the work of Satan and his minions, whose goal is to destroy humans and make them not want any part of God or the Bible.

How Does Satan Cause Us To Sin?

Satan’s ultimate goal is to cause us to become his sinning and evil earthly army. His plan (as with all dictators) is to rule the earth by causing hate, anger, sexual deviations, destruction, murder, abortion, gender altering violence, and he has made it as though it is now a normal part of life.

If it continues, it will become an irreversible part of life. With most of the human race in turmoil, Satan can show God that HIS “wonderful creations” are not wonderful, are big sinners, and don’t care about God or salvation.

How about this? I don’t know how old you are, but look back 5-10-20 years ago. Do you see how much you have really changed? The world? Now ask your friends or family how much things have changed in those years.

Unfortunately, Satan has very long-term planning. When did gender dysphoria, sexual alterations, gender changes, and parents releasing their authority to the schools take over learning outside of the standard class curriculum start?

I know a teacher whose parent (of a student) asked that her 8 year old daughter be called by a boy’s name and not her given female name. How does an 8-year-old even know to do this other than being influenced by her parents or others?

Easy… Satan’s influence on them.

Stop walking around with blinders on and be thankful for the blessings, and good that the Lord has given us. Stop living your lives with all the negativity, anger, and hate that surrounds us every day. Release Satan from your life and embrace Jesus Christ and the Bible to make your life better and more fulfilled.

Unfortunately, many people don’t believe in Satan or that they are even sinners, and that is the biggest problem for redemption and life after death in heaven on earth.

So What Does That Mean They Don’t Believe?

It means that unless we are “true believers” and have accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, and repent of our sins (and we all have sinned), Satan will find every nook and cranny in our hearts and minds to convince us that God and Heaven are not true, but a made-up story by religious fanatics and those trying to force us into believing.

Are You A True Believer?

It is Satan telling us, “We are not all created equal or even created by God” as he whispers this in our minds and hearts. He wants us to be uncaring, selfish, prideful, defiant, and to steer clear of anything that is good and righteous. Is that you? Are you one of Satan’s minions?

Today, there are many, even if you want to convince yourself that you are not.

How Satan Secretly Influences You

Satan’s slow drip of deception and lies puts us on the track of sinning even if we don’t want to sin. He can convince us that someone who is the same is completely different and evil. He gives us a reason to exact revenge when forgiveness should be given instead.

Depart From Evil

He’s always around and waiting for you to open the door, so don’t be fooled by the naysayers or that he doesn’t exist. He’s waiting.

He even convinces us that our knowledge of good and evil is really only evil and that good doesn’t exist. Satan can find ways to twist thoughts better than any psychologist or therapist and can do it on a daily basis.

The Real Problem Is Society

We look around at the world and basically ignore most things that don’t affect us directly but we miss the signs of Satan’s coming takeover. How you ask? The first thing that comes to mind is the shows on TV that present Satan as a good guy with a few evil tendencies. And why wouldn’t he if he wants to control the people? Oh, that’s right, he didn’t write the show. That’s correct, but he does have a hold of the writers.

Then we look at the fact that society is quickly and easily accepting sexual deviations as a normal part of life. What is normal about changing your gender? Absolutely nothing and adults are creating an environment of future anger, suicide, and hate for those who go through with any changes.

“You were born with your gender/sex and if people tell you it was a mistake, then they are speaking for and through Satan.”

Remember, he wants you to think God’s creations are wrong so you will move from God to Satan. This is exactly what Satan wants. Many people have no morals, are unrighteous, and are lost mentally and physically, but we do pray for them to find their way.

And today, he has thousand of them doing exactly what he wants, with many more following behind unknowingly ready to join his ranks.

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We pray for all who fight to be free of Satan’s grip, for the hope of Jesus Christ, and for repentance and salvation in your life. and, for those who don’t we pray for you and hope you wake up.

John & Jean Johnsen

P.S. If we are wrong we have had an excellent life with Jesus. For all who don’t accept Jesus and think they are right.


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