Finally…Divine Posters By the Month

It has taken a whole week but I have finally completed the Divine Poster filtering to make it much easier to see posters from any month to date.

The posters are designed everyday and each months posters are then put on the site. Each poster is put in a specific section being scriptural, spiritual or social according to the design and wording.

Previously they were placed in the gallery in whatever order and not necessarily organized.

Now they are organized by month so if you want to see what posters were created in April of 2018 you can touch that specific button and only those posters will appear.

Then if you want to get back to see all the posters together just tap the “All” button and there they are.

As you can see in the image above it goes until August 2019 but I know it will go way beyond that time because I have not yet achieved my destiny.

I did this because I needed to make it much easier to see the posters designed for each month and filtering was the only way considering the amount of posters being designed.

It also helps me to know how many I have actually done each month because I can easily get backed up with all the designs and my life in general does move me off my path.

It can be really hard to keep up but also to know if I placed the designs in the right categories and hopefully visitors will let me know if any are in the wrong categories.

If you feel some posters are in the wrong category please let me know by emailing me at

Thank you for visiting and passing the word of the Divine Posters to everyone and anyone you know to help get the word out and change just one persons thinking. John

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