Life…In General

The Divine posters are keeping me on my destined path but every day events cause me to move off that path.

These events are the typical daily and not-so daily occurrences of taking care of things around the house that I would normally do on the weekends. But sometimes the weekend projects don’t allow for extras or the projects need to be done right away.

For instance the water from the kitchen sink started running much slower. I needed to change out the valves and clean the spigot filter. No big deal but time-consuming.

The main thing I have learned is life will shift and even push you off your destined path. The solution? Finish the reason you are off your path and get back on and keep moving forward.

I keep repeating in my head “Stay on the path” and that keeps me moving forward even after a distraction.

Happily I have added the March posters to the gallery and am working to finish the April ones.

I would truly appreciate any comments here or on Facebook about the posters. Thank you and bless you.


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