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We are working hard to try to spread the word out about the Divine posters but we need everyone’s help.

With all the distractions on the web and TV we still will push for the poster to be distributed to everyone. Including anyone who is interested in seeing a change in the world.

Sure there are those who say “I am one person what can I do?” Well if you consider Jesus one person he surly did a lot. So if one person can institute a change why can’t you?

Of course you may be thinking he had help from his Father and you would be right but you also have the ability to get help from the Father also; and if you are not sure how…just pray and ask for help and guidance.

It is hard to get people to commit to a true cause but not impossible once they realize that the reasoning behind the posters has to do with theirs and their families future. But we need people to spread the word about the Divine posters. Think about what will happen if this world continues on this downward trend of hate and anger.

Don’t be misled by politicians and actors who have their own agenda. Listen to your heart only. Famous people have their own way of interpreting the state of the world as it suits their life. They usually aren’t part of the chaos that affects everyone else so they are hidden from the mess.

A faithful heart will always drive you in the right direction and having that will help you help us change as much of the world as possible.

Be one in Jesus and keep your heart protected and help us spread His word of peace, love and grace.

Please make your comments in the box below and let us know what you think. Thanks for reading.

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