Stay on The Path

Ever since I have been given the gift of knowing my destiny; I have been focused on completing the tasks given to me by the Holy Spirit. It has been a very uplifting journey and one that has changed my thinking and my life.

Of course it is not so cut and dry as it sounds; although I do focus on doing the designs and keeping my mind open to new ideas. I still find that the outside world is still gnawing and pushing to get in my head. Staying on the path to my destiny is hard.

There was a movie called “The Book of Eli”that is in an apocalyptic world where Eli is traveling to accomplish his destiny. I won’t tell you anything else in case you decide to watch this movie and I would recommend you do. It is a little violent but then again so is the world today.

The point of the movie for me was a phrase Eli said over and over again while confronting situations he could stop. But his drive to keep moving towards his destiny was strong enough to keep him moving with some distractions.

This is how I feel at times when confronted with the news. I want to write a rebuttal and let out my anger (only obtained from the news) and let the world know what I think. It even happens occasionally when I watch commercials (being a former ad man) and want to let the companies know how bad their commercial really are and how they should do them differently.

This is how easy it is to get caught up in the moment but I realize that it is just taking me off my path.

Then I would hear Eli saying “Stay on the path” to himself and it brings me back to my reality…the Divine posters.

It is extremely easy to get caught up in the events of the world but if you do it can make life unbearable and very stressful. My suggestion is to limit the exposure of the things that give you stress and anger and stay on your own path.

Not sure of your path? I am no expert at any of this but to say look at your life and see the things you like to do and make you happy. Then pray for guidance and wait for the answer but be patient.

I know someone who is in that exact situation and is trying to find direction to their destiny. It does take a very open mind free of as much stress as possible.

This path has given me insight and the wisdom to see things in a better light and avoid (even though it is very hard at times) the stresses related to life in general.

If you have any thoughts, comments or questions feel free to comment below. Thanks for reading and I hope it gives you some insight as well.

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