New October Divine Posters

I know it’s December already. My working on the October Divine posters is not relegated to a specific time for them to be posted on our website.

As I work on them they get placed in folder and then separated into the 3 categories of Scriptural, Spiritual and Social groupings.

As I continue to work on them I usually forget to post them online. Sorry, but my focus is on doing the work that has been my Divine path.

I know some of the readers will understand that and others may not, and that is OK. So I will explain briefly if you haven’t already read my story.

We all have a chosen path to follow in life. Some will listen and follow it and others will ignore it. Think of it this way in my case. I was able to draw at a very early age. I never knew that design would lead me to my Divine path, but with over 400 posters designed (and continuing) I know it is.

So, back to the posters for October. I completed them basically in October but only now had the time to get them posted on this website.

Posting them actually takes a lot of time since they have to be uploaded to the site, categorized and sized. That takes a lot of time and focus. I wouldn’t want to post the same one several times, so it can get confusing if I do loose my focus. FYI: If you see any duplicated please let me know. Thanks.

Being a labor of love and my path; I do what I need to do to get them to the viewers, so they can save and pass them on to others.

Please enjoy the posters and let others know to help them on their journey in life.

Also please let me know what you think about the designs or if you have any comments you would like to share with our other viewers.

Our Divided World

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