Let the Lord Help or Not?

I have been working on the posters for quite a while; actually since the beginning of 2018. My ultimate goal is to spread the word of the posters out to everyone and hopefully change some of the anger and hateful thinking.

I am doing this because I have found it to be my destiny and have been guided by the Holy Spirit without a doubt. There is no cost or planned future cost for anyone to use the posters for their personal use or on their website.

But I have reached a sort of dilemma.

I have learned that if you ask for the Lord for help you should wait (depending on the circumstances…physical, etc.) and let Him do His work. Or at least that is how I interpreted the thought in my still learning experience.

My dilemma is whether to let the Lord help or do I proceed to push for more exposure for the posters to the churches and influential church members through direct mailing (me paying) or let the word get out through the Lord in His time?

I have asked for guidance and wait for the answer that can come now or later but all in His time that much I do know.

Of course I am still learning about our Lord but don’t want to do the wrong thing and offend Him. I am not sure I would but I guess it would be possible.

Then again it is said that the Lord helps those who help themselves but I think that is used only when a situation is needed to be resolved right away.

Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions for my situation? Please let me know and thanks for commenting below about this.

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