God in Many Languages

While I was working on the Divine posters I always wondered if I could do them in many different languages but how would it be done?

First I would have to design a poster with each language and be sure the translation is correct. Considering I was looking at about 20 it suddenly seemed more insurmountable then the amount of posters I was doing daily.

It’s not the design challenges but doing each language and being sure it would fit into the existing poster design. Since incorrect translations can also create a real problem by using the wrong words I decided that it would not be a good idea.

So now my direction has become how to show people in other languages that may not be scriptural or spiritual that God does exist? I know this is not necessarily about the posters but in all reality it is still about God and our Lord so it does tie in to the posters.

I asked for guidance as I always do and came up with an animated GIF that I would be able to design and add as many languages as I wanted. The translation was pretty simple. The words God “Does Exist”.

Now it was time to go to Google and put the “Does Exist” list together. The problem became that some languages are not type-able. They are symbols. So I have to copy and paste into the Photoshop program. There was another problem that Photoshop did not recognize some of the images so I used the ones that worked.

Overall the design came out great with 47 translations.

Please let me know what you think and if Google made any translation mistakes (I just copied and pasted the symbols).

Thanks for reading.

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