Who Are The Divine Poster Disciples?

The Divine Poster Disciples? The best way to explain this is to tell the story from the past. It all started when Jesus gathered his disciples together and had them spread the word…His word.

It was the first instance of viral spreading throughout the world. Not as fast as today but enough to get the word out to many people and many countries.

Today spreading the word is easy and fast especially when it pertains to the Word of God. But surprisingly it doesn’t seem important enough and more.

While the disciples were actually hoofing it from city to city, today we can just click and send but even that seems to be a very difficult task when it comes to religion and spirituality.

Why? I have no idea except for the reasons I have heard.

It seems that even for Christians spreading the word has become last on the list of things-to-do. How sad.

Spreading the word of the Divine posters can only help others. How? By showing them words of encouragement, happiness and a better way of life. That should be our ultimate goal…to help others as much as possible.

Are you the type of person that just views the posters and moves on being aware that they might be able to help a friend, family member or even a stranger and does nothing?

Start today by spreading the word of the Divine posters and if you are not sure of their meaning I will be posting a short story about each one (there are currently over 250 Divine posters) on Facebook and Twitter starting today.

Not sure of what the Divine posters actually are? They are not for sale and there is no affiliate set-up. They are free to download for personal use and pass on to anyone. For me they are my Divine connection the the Lord. Please read this page to understand my journey: https://ourdividedworld.com/the-next-greatest-story/

Also you can Get Inspired by reading this page: https://ourdividedworld.com/get-inspired/ This will guide you to helping others and becoming your own type of Disciple religious or not.

Being a Disciple will bring you fulfillment and happiness by helping others without reward just as the Disciples did in the very early days.

If you are religious, spiritual or even a social person please start spreading the word of the Divine Posters so together we can help as many people as possible.

Thank you and Bless you,
Our Divided World.com

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