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We have just posted our new Thoughtful Questions For You page that contains questions that will peak your interest and get you thinking about your life.

There are quite a few questions aimed at scriptural, spiritual and non-believers since we want to try and not leave anyone out.

No matter what your age there are questions for you whether you are a millennium or baby boomer.

And we will be constantly adding more to the page so you can keep checking back or sign-up to receive updates from our site. Just sign-up in the form in the footer (bottom of the page) to get the updates and absolutely no-spam.

We formed the questions from surveys of millenniums and baby boomers and felt that the millenniums had some of the most interesting questions.

Of course; the truth is that the millenniums questions are not really any different from our age group. Except for the questions about social media (that didn’t exist while we were growing up) and all the other survey questions were exactly the same as we have asked.

Our social media was going to the neighbors or friends houses, using a dial telephone or actually writing a note. Yeah…I know it was the age of the dinosaurs and that’s OK.

If you have any questions you would like us to post or answer just respond to this post and the bottom in the comments page. We will get back to you within a few minutes to a few hours but as quick as possible.

I hope you find some answers to your questions on our site.

Have a blessed day,
Our Divided World

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