Our ODW Site Updated

It has taken some time but an update to the poster pages has been completed (well, almost) and we have separated the poster years into their own pages for better loading when viewing.

In others words our past page for Scriptural had 2017-2019 on one page. Now we have 2017-18 on one page and 2019 0n another for each section Spiritual and Social posters.

This should also make loading the page easier with less images than before. It also make it easier on our end to load newer posters on their own pages instead of including them in older pages. At this time there are over 600+ posters on the site with 2020 ones being added to their own page.

Check it out and let us know what you think and if it is an improvement. Any suggestions are also appreciated.

As with everyone else we are staying safe and continuing to present new posters.

There are also some Covid-19 posters that will be posted shortly so look for the next post. Let us know what you think of them also.

Stay safe and healthy and have a blessed day.

John & Jean
Our Divided World

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