New Posters for 2020

I know 2020 has been going for several months now but I am starting to get caught up and have been posting them.

There is a separate page for 2020 with Scriptural, Spiritual and Social Divine poster designs. As with all the pages they are filtered by month for easy viewing or you can use the ALL button.

The ideas keep coming and I have been designing them in Photoshop as usual. And as usual to my amazement the designs are all different and have been since 2017.

You can read my story here.

The Holy Spirit has been keeping me on my Divine path and bringing the ideas daily. For the non-religious readers; I Know that I would not be capable of designing this many posters even being a graphic designer.

Just to back that up…ask anyone who does graphic design if they could design one or more posters a day. That includes the words, design, graphics, color, typeface and be sure it is not anything like the other designs.

To me that is because the I have accepted the Holy Spirit in my life and have so for several years.

I hope that viewers get some peace and inspiration form these designs and will pass them on to family and friends and those that may need help. “A little peace of mind goes a long way” , John J.

Have a blessed day.

Our Divided World

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