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It has been a long time coming but Our Divided World website has undergone some changes. Some obvious and others in the background.

The main change is the website header and countdown clock for all the pages.

Why change the existing header you are wondering? Because the other header had no real meaning to add to the website. The new one is completely different.

The page title is larger but the most important part is the countdown timer on each page.

This countdown timer is set to 24 hours and is to help you understand that everyday passes with or without any changes in your life. Knowing this should give you a serious reason to change the things that are creating issues or conflicts.

“Don’t Waste Your Day” is a way of telling you to fix what you can now because you never know if you or the other person will be gone the next day. How many people do you know that are living with regret about not fixing something that can’t ever be fixed.

It is time to get over the past and start making your future life better. Don’t let petty grievances or disputes cloud your thinking. The only way to fix them is to be the bigger person and know you will be able to move forward without the extra very heavy baggage.

I hope the countdown timer will spark a new change in your thinking and help you move forward without regrets or past problems.

Our Divided World

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