Why Do We Hate?

Why do we hate seems like a complicated subject but in my thoughts it is simpler.

Think about babies. They are always laughing and smiling. Why? Because they are pure. There is no hate or anger in them.

So how do they learn it? From older children and adults. Even their own parents. That’s right. If you have a child that sees you angry they will just mimic that reaction.

Sure we all get angry but where does the hate come from? The same people.

Think about the first time you heard the word “hate”. It is probably long gone from your memory but it is still in your thinking.

“Learn More: Proverbs 15:1”

Now I see they have a TV series “Why We Hate” in 6 parts! Now not seeing this I will assume it is going to run the complete history of everything that has happens that created hate. The problem I have with this is that it will be dredging up more hate by shoving into viewers faces.

The only agenda I can figure out is the shows producers want to keep hate in the foreground. Hate makes money. Hate keeps people working. Hate helps political parties. Without hate what do we have?

Do we really need a 6 part TV series to know why? Perhaps the show should be titled “How to Not Hate” and do it in one hour. But no…it seems that there is a need for hate to continue and many people are not seeing this. Or perhaps they are ignoring it.

Hate simply goes way back when groups of people disliked other groups. Then it went to “we hate them”. Now you start a pattern that is going to get passed from one person to the next.

In simple terms hate is like a virus. It gets passed from one person to the next.

Need More: Ephesians 6:4″

And children are like sponges so they will pick-up on their parents hate very quickly. Now you have the virus spreading.

“I hate my Uncle Jim” or “I hate those people”. Most likely it is not hate to begin with but a strong dislike. and like any virus if it is not contained in time it spreads through the host.

Of course today spreading hate is easy even if you are not a hater. Social media and the TV news is the most prevalent way of hate being spread to the masses. Fake news is also doing a good job of spreading hate.

“So and so just kicked their dog or cat” If you are an animal lover you will get angry and then it will morph into hate if you let it. The longer it festers the harder it will be to let it go.

“Your gas prices are being increased because of rich people” Now you hate the rich for raising the prices even if they really didn’t.

I could go on and on but this is just to make a simple point.

Simply stated…hate is passed on from one generation to the next. Think about someone who hated someone else and told you to get you to their side even if they were lying. Or they hated specific groups of people or countries.

“Surprisingly: John 4:20”

Now you bought into their hate and will most likely pass it on to your own family if the name of that person comes up.

Hate can easily become a generational curse. But it is easy to remedy by clearing your own mind of hate.

What about the old story of the Hatfield and McCoy’s which was a long running hatred war that killed many family members and accomplished absolutely nothing. In the end both sides eventually made peace but at a very high cost.

Think about it this way. What does hate accomplish? Well for you nothing but a dark heart and mind. For others money and greed. Hate can be a prosperous business. It sells products and wars.

The most anyone can do is to fight the urge for hate and not pass it on the others because you are pissed-off at someone.

If there are people you dislike stay away from them. Don’t be influenced by social media or TV news which can easily cause you hate and anger.

Try This: 1 John 2:15

Avoid the things that can push you into hate and if you can’t do that try practicing forgiveness. That’s right…forgiveness for everyone even those you hate can help ease you mind and make life easier.

And isn’t life tough enough without adding hating someone or some group to it?

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