Satan IS Smarter Than You

We walk around every day doing whatever we want. We never think about any consequences for us or our friends and family. Besides, what consequences can befall our friends or family?

Before I go into that, let’s figure out how much smarter Satan really is first.

1. We all see TV shows and movies that usually depict Satan as not such a bad individual. I believe there is even a show called ‘Lucifer’ that makes him into a kind-of-good guy. And a new (2020) commercial depicting Satan as a good date for 

2. There is also a phrase “The devil is in the details” that has become part of our language.

3. Most shows and movies depicting violence and are becoming more popular. Even shows about killers to show how they allegedly did the crime are a mainstay. Who needs to see how they did the crime besides the people that actually fight crime? 

4. Sex shows and commercials have become more common and exposed. For me it doesn’t matter since I have already seen through them, but what about the upcoming generations? Shouldn’t it matter? 

5. Charles Manson had a few movies on Showtime and other channels. If this person was bad and proved in court, why a movie glorifying him or any of the other killers that have movies named after them? 


Now, the clue is whether you even believe in Satan, and if you feel Satan is evil. If you don’t believe it, you will definitely want to read on and if you do, get ready. 

I am no saint but am a sinner, and I believe in God and Satan, and I watch some of those violent movies. My past has been one of some violence and lost direction. However, since giving my life to Jesus Christ, I have been seeing more clearly and with more understanding. 

Then there are those that would call me crazy or confused about my belief, and that is completely understanding because evil wants me to redirect my thoughts away from God. It’s actually the same for those attempting to evangelize in social media. They are called crackpot, crazy, nuts, or even accused of trying to start a cult or insulting the viewers.

So who would call them names? That’s easy. Unbelievers, Satanists, cult worshipers, bullies, gossipers, and those who don’t believe in God or Jesus want to force their personal ideals on them.

The one thing I know is that Satan has a way of making you think you are going in the right direction. What direction? Making mistakes, missteps, causing problems, hating others, physical and mental issues, anger, causing gossip, and social bullying but that is only a small portion of issues. 

In case you haven’t noticed the world is becoming more and more under the control of Satan. For each one of us, we hear different versions of events and need to figure out which one is the one to follow. Of course, that is easier done than said. That’s right easier done. 

How? Think about what is happening around you and try to decide what is good and bad. We already know the things that are bad, so figuring them out is pretty easy. But how do you fight against the bad ones that keep dragging you in?

It may not be easy, but it can be simple. Think about the time when you were a kid and how you were taught about good and bad. Did you forget? We all forget things as we get older and replace them with things that are easier or we prefer. 

We slowly become influenced by the media, and those around us that form our morals, thinking, and attitude. The people we socialize with always affect how we think and act, and I can personally attest to that. My background is in advertising and marketing for many years.

I hung around with people that were, let’s say, not nice. I was also influenced by movies and the news in a bad way. So, to make it simple, I eliminated (removed from my life) those people and stopped watching the news (on TV and social media) and only local news for the weather and anything earth-shattering. That and putting Jesus Christ in my life completely changed me for the best, without a doubt. 

Think about how you react to some news stories. Are you yelling at the TV? Acting out your anger with friends and family? What about movies? Do you become the person you are watching and act all big and tough? How does that help relationships? I’ve been there so I know what I am writing about.

Evil has a plan, and it is to take hold of you and not let you go until you are completely consumed by evil things. 

At this point, you feel you can get away from it… right? Can you really? Maybe you are already consumed?

How would you even know? That’s right, I forgot, you are smarter than Satan who has been in existence for over 2,000 years and has figured out how humans work and ways to manipulate them with all those years of practice.

So, now do you still believe you are in control of your life? 

If you responded with “yes” then you are in complete denial or already consumed by Satan and your life is in anger, hate, and problem relationships. Or, you haven’t seen what is really going on in the world.

If your response was “no” then you still have a way out of his multitude of traps.

The first way is to acknowledge that the traps are hate, anger, vanity, possession, gossiping, bullying, stealing, deceiving, and coercion, to name a few of the top ones. If you use any of these even minimally, you are in Satan’s grip, and if you use them daily, you are in his tight grasp.

Ever hear the phrase “The greatest trick Satan pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist”? 

I am not telling you this to change your life. That’s your decision. This is just a warning that your life will come apart eventually (or already) unless you change. But, change is hard and I know. It takes a lot of work but is definitely rewarding for you, and your friends and family. And that I can guarantee unless you are someone who relishes a life of turmoil and strife.

Television and movies would make you think that evil is good and the bad guy always loses. But real life doesn’t work that way. The TV/Social media commercials want you to feel inferior if you don’t have the latest device (how purchasing a brand new expensive refrigerator so your kids can reach the pull-out try instead of putting it on the lowest shelf) or item in your home or apartment. Skincare companies want you to feel better about your appearance by using very young and perfect looking people to make you believe you look like them if you use their product. Auto companies show vehicles moving at fast speeds until you realize you can’t drive like that on any road other than a racetrack.


I could go on and on, and having worked in the advertising/marketing business for years, I know how advertisers think and what it needs for a successful campaign. Gullible and naive people. Satan likes that type of person because it makes his work much easier for controlling them. 

Satan has his hands in every area of our lives unless we keep him out. He knows our thoughts and emotions and how to control them for us. 

You know that argument you had and you wondered why it even happened? Simple conversations turned into arguments and name-calling. Who does that help? Not you or the other person. Do you ever wonder how you got involved in fights? It was Satan causing you the grief he loves and feeds on. 

The only way to keep him out is to put God in place in your life. I know you are probably thinking why do I need to put God there? Why doesn’t God just keep him out anyway? There are three reasons:

1. You need to have Jesus Christ & God in your life, to begin with, and believe He will help you.

2. You have to truly want to make a real change in your life.

3. The concept of free will, so you can determine whether you want good or evil to rule you.

Now that you know those reasons, you can decide what you want to do with your life.

I get it, making a change in your life is not easy, but if it can make your life less stressful and more fulfilling, isn’t it worth the effort? I can tell you without a doubt that it is and I can also tell you that once you do the change feels great. But you aren’t able to let your guard down because evil will try to find ways to disrupt your life, especially if you are a believer in Jesus. That’s because the non-believers are already in his tight grip and he wants everyone on earth there also.

Jesus used the words, “Get behind me Satan”, (Matthew 16:23) because he knew where the attacks were coming from… Satan. Perhaps it is time for you to use the same phrase if you want to get out of Satan’s clutches. 

Ever since Adam and Eve yielded to Satan’s deception, people do not realize that he has continued to deceive the overwhelming majority (1 John 5:19 & Revelation 12:9). In so many cases, people are sincerely doing what they think is right. They simply do not understand that he has extended his deceitful, lying ways into every area of our lives. And unless we are vigilant and want to make a change, we will not find our way to God, Jesus, or everlasting life.

As I mentioned, you have free-will to do as you please. I will not try to convince or con you. You simply have to decide whether you need your life to change for the better (or even the best).

Whatever you decide we pray the best for you.

Blessings to you,
John & Jean

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