Satan’s On a Rampage – 3

Everything You Should Know

H John & Jean Johnsen-Millman


Table of Contents – Part 3

Satan’s On a Rampage -3: Everything You Need to Know

Shocking Facts About Satan’s Rampage of Sin

Why Is Satan Doing This And what’s His Purpose?

His Beginning Time Mission

His Present Time Mission

How Does Satan Cause Us To Sin?

So What Does That Mean They Don’t Believe?

How Satan Secretly Influences You

The Real Problem Is Society

It Starts With a Small Whisper

How Would You Know It’s Satan?

So Whose Running This Evil Deception?

Whose Really Running This?

How Does Satan Influence you?
An Example Of Satan’s Simple But Devious Influence

Are You A Child Of Satan? Test Yourself

3 Tips If You Think You’re Immune to Satan

8 Tips About Who is Satan Really?

8 Types of People That Are Affected Directly By Satan

How Can You Fight Satan?

6 Facts You Need To Know To Break Satan’s Grip

Accepting Jesus Christ To Break Satan’s Influence

Can Satan Be Subdued and Defeated?

The Ongoing Battle For Your Soul

6 Thoughts To Ponder About Yourself

Need More Proof?

So Why Is No One Talking About Satan?

More Information

Are You A Child Of Satan? Test Yourself

Don’t be offended by the title. How would you even know if you were a child of Satan? It doesn’t mean born of Satan. You follow Satan as a child follows an adult.

OK. Hold on! You’re not a child… right? Wrong.

Do you follow someone that has bad intentions or does something illegal.

Being a child of Satan just means you practice or do evil things on a regular basis. What are the evil things? Simply stated, it is sin. Now, so you know we have the right person… do you lie, cheat, steal, gossip, fight, bully and use name calling?

If you answered “Yes” to any item in that list, then you are a child of Satan. Why? Because you are doing exactly what he wants you to do. Sin and keep sinning.

I know, I was a child of Satan, and there are many that knew me then that would testify to that then. But today my life is completely different and much better.

How is your life?

Satan knows how he can control you especially if you, are a non-Christian or an unfaithful believer. Don’t think that the true or faithful are immune to Satan; he prefers to focus on easier targets but will look for all opportunities to change even a true believer’s mind. But they are harder, but not impossible to convert.

Of course, you may think being a child of Satan has its advantages, as seen in the Hollywood version of Satan. But as you may or may not know, those advantages can cost you in the short or long run, but you probably already know that.

3 Tips If Think You’re Immune to Satan

There are many Bible non-believers and believers who don’t believe in Satan and feel he would have no influence on them at all. I’m not sure what their thoughts are about doing either good or evil, but they really need to decide which side they want to be on. Good or evil.

If you believe in good or bad then you have to accept Satan. If you don’t believe in good or bad, then how will you know when you do something that’s good or bad? Don’t try to devise yourself or be deceived by others about Satan.

Why, because it all comes down to this. Do you truly think you’re immune to Satan? And only you can answer that question. You might be quick to answer, but consider a few things first:

1. Are you a sinner (and still sinning)?
2. Do you repent of your sins (ask forgiveness)?

3. Are you a Bible believer?

All these things make a difference in how you deal with or don’t deal with Satan. And, don’t think you can defeat Satan like in the movies with a cross, holy water, or going into church.

See post: “Why Do We Hate?”

Being immune to Satan is hard, but it can be easier depending on your beliefs. If you truly want to get away from Satan and sin, you have to fight every day… even as a true Christian.

8 Tips About Who is Satan Really?

Satan is on the ultimate quest to rule all people and create a truly rebellious world to anger God. His drive is getting stronger as the Time of the Lord approaches. I will get back to that later.

See article: What Do You Really Know About The Rapture?

But let’s clear up some very false Hollywood concepts about Satan:

1. He will not come to you to make a deal.

2. He is not your friend (even if you like evil), because you will be his minion.

3. He can go to church. Look at all the hypocrites and sinners in the pews.

4. He doesn’t visibly fly around looking to capture floating lost souls, but is an angel.
5. He doesn’t carry a pitchfork or have horns or a pointy tail as in many illustrations.

6. He is not a good guy, no matter what Hollywood portrays.

7. You will never meet Satan until the end of time.

8. He does want your soul, so the movies got this correct.

And, I am sure I missed several more concepts.

Of course, Hollywood and writers are being motivated and driven by Satan to get people to believe that Satan who was driven out of heaven, is a good person. For his evil plan to work, he either needs to show everyone he doesn’t exist or he’s a good guy, and there is absolute proof he does exist and is evil in the Bible.

Genesis 3

After all, people generally like a good guy.

But remember and never forget! No matter how Hollywood portray him, Satan is not a good guy. He is the reason that people are sinning and suffering the wages of those sins. And, they are unknowingly waiting for the ultimate wrath that God will bring to sinners who haven’t repented (Read Revelations in the Bible).

I don’t believe there is anything from Hollywood that could show the pain, torment, devastation, and the final judgment that is to come for them.

8 Types of People That Are Affected Directly By Satan

These are some of the types that can be or are affected more by Satan and his minions (the angels that sided with him when he was sent out of heaven).

1. If you are a true Christian, you probably know most of this and that now is the time to strengthen your faith and belief.

2. If you are a non believer this might be the time to rethink your thoughts about believing and faith. But this is non-pressure. Your future is your own, but do you want to be caught unaware or unprepared?

3. If you are currently in a cult (check the dictionary definition for Mormon, Jehovah, Catholic, etc.), you may want to reconsider your current situation and learn more about Revelations and the Holy Bible.

4. If you are an atheist, it might be time to stop hating God for something you think he did or something he did to help you or others away from sin and sinning.

5. If you are a conspiracy theorist, understand that Satan is in charge of disbelief or non-belief in unusual or odd events. And the Bible is one thing that Satan wants people to believe is a conspiracy. He probably coined the word “conspiracy theorist” and he doesn’t want you anywhere near the Bible.

6. If you are a science type of person, realize that all science was written thousands of years ago in the Bible. Satan wants you to believe only his proof of the Bible being wrong and science being correct.

But here are some facts in the bible that are confirmed by science today:

Job 26:7
Hebrews 11:3 (atoms)
Job 38:19-20
Leviticus 17:11
Leviticus 15:13
Jeremiah 33:22
Isaiah 40:22

7. If you are an archaeologist who believes the earth is millions of years old, you should know and understand that those theories have been absolutely disproved. But Satan will keep convincing you otherwise.

FYI: Check out the Grand Canyon movie that scientifically and archaeologically proves Noah’s flood really occurred, but only thousands of years ago and not millions or billions like Satan wants you to believe.

8. If you are an evolutionist, you probably know the human chain from Lucy forward has long since been absolutely disproved, but Satan will keep convincing you that you are absolutely right and everyone else is very wrong.

Yes! Satan is involved in everything that happens on this earth and with its people. Don’t ever think it’s not true. The Bible explains in detail how Satan operates and how he tried to convince Jesus to sin during his 40 days in the desert, but Jesus prevails, and so can you!

Mark 1:13 and Matthew 4:2

How Can You Fight Satan?

Spiritually but not physically, and as you already know, you can’t use a crucifix, run into a church, or read Bible verses. Physically, he is still an angel, albeit an evil one.

But you can defeat his advances by putting you into a sinful nature and losing the possibility for redemption.

He loves it when you break the 10 Commandments that God gave us to live by and wants you to steer very clear of Jesus, our Lord and Savior. Have you broken any of the 10 Commandments?

Exodus 20

Everyone has a chance to find their way out of sin, and avoid the pain and eventual destruction that are given to those who have not or will not repent. This article is not a con to get you to change. You have free will and no one will take that from you (for now), except when the Antichrist takes over the world.

See Revelations in the Bible

Satan wants you to believe that Jesus Christ is not important or essential in our lives, and he wants us to live in sin on a daily basis, no matter how much or little we sin even if you stole one cent.

I am a sinner. I have been doing battle with Satan for several years and every now and then he gets through, but only for an instant. Then I close the door. Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit help and guide me through what ever he has brought upon me.

“I Am A Sinner”

H John Johnsen

At times it’s a struggle, but not impossible to surpass with Jesus’s help and guidance.

He knows God despises sin and Satan is trying to prove to God he is more important to the people and to become the true ruler of heaven and earth. As more people sin it becomes more evident that Satan is gaining in power.

Just look at the Jewish people (God’s chosen people) and how they have suffered because they refused to accept Jesus Christ as their Messiah, even though the Messiah is written in the Old Testament (The Torah). Hitler and Mussolini were following Satan’s wishes.

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John & Jean Johnsen

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