God’s Plan…What Is It?


What is it?

I can’t say I received God’s plan directly from God, but I do know that he has given us free-will and we have abused it in the past and even now.

We have ignored any signs showing us the way.

As things around us continue to get worse, some of us choose to move further away from Him.

We help each other when disasters strike, but when it is over we move back to the status quo…me and myself.

God’s plan was to give us a manual to live productive and loving lives but many have chosen not to read it. You might be surprised that this life manual is the Bible.  He gave us this through many different authors who have direct contact with Jesus or God through angels.

I know you probably don’t believe in them but how many times have you heard someone say “That person is an angel”? I know you are thinking it’s just a simple comment. True. But maybe, it’s also that they are real.  Besides, you have your free-will to decide.

Free-will is a great concept as an adult, but as a child, we as adults choose things for them. They really don’t have free-will until they are old enough to understand the concept. God does the same thing with us His children. God’s plan is to give us a choice of good or evil.  Of course you have to know what is considered evil before deciding which one you are choosing.

Now, let’s start with the evil to get it out of the way.

1. We covet fame and fortune.
2. We lie, cheat and steal to get ahead.
3. We take what is not ours for personal gain.
4. We love ourselves over any others.
5. We don’t share or care about others.
6. We don’t like dealing with people from other nationalities but our own.
7. We use our tongue to curse and hurt other people’s feelings (the tongue can be the most evil part of the body).

OK, now it’s time for the good and that’s pretty simple.

1. We go to church (mostly every week)
2. We love our friends and family
3. We tolerate others
4. We give when we hear of a tragedy.
5. We do most of the 10 Commandments, but not all.

I guess you are patting yourself on the back, but keep in mind that being 70% good and 30% evil is not going to sit well when it’s judgment time.  And I guess you don’t believe in that either.

Here’s some thoughts to keep in mind:

Everything that’s happening is building us to God’s plan of judgment day.
We act according to the bible or without caring for one another due to greed, hate and anger and it doesn’t stop there.
Our lives are supposed to be a learning process to make us better at living and growing closer to the Lord.

Scriptural Posters 2020

Every time we go backwards for your own needs and greed we move further away from being saved.

I know. You don’t believe. But how many times will you ignore the events around you that are happening worldwide?

And to get ahead of your thoughts of “He’s a doomsayer” that’s not what this is about.

This is about events happening now and ones coming (if you look and listen closely) in the future. That’s right… predicted events that many prefer to stick their heads in the sand and live as they please. After all we are adults and no one can tell us what to do…right?


You may think you are living in freedom but look again as all your freedoms are being slowly eroded as you sleep.  And, before you react negatively, think about what the things you could do before and what you can’t do today.

As the “freedoms” disappear, so does your free-will. You can do this and not that. This is not a segue into some political rhetoric or battle, but a real change in our world.

Yes… this is part of God’s plan just as it was when Jesus was crucified. A plan. And where can you read about it? In the Bible under Revelations. God has been giving us a chance to change how we live our lives which is according to advertisements, TV news and social media.

Wake up and read Revelations and realize that we need to change…now.

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