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Volunteering Is Important

Today with everyone’s busy schedules, volunteering in not at the top of the list. But volunteering is important no matter what your schedule. You can volunteer at food banks, hospitals, churches, nursing homes and even for a neighbor. Of course, volunteering during Covid will change things somewhat. There will be the required masks and social …

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Turn It The Hell Off!

The age of technology took the world by storm.  The digital population is currently estimated to be at 4.57 billion. In other words, 59% of the global population are active internet users. The Internet has turned the world into one global village. Something that happens in Australia can get noticed in America in just a …

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Is Evil Inside You?

Is Evil Inside You? It’s everywhere on TV. The fake reality shows, shows about the devil, glorifying criminals and bad behavior, accepting killings, and being happy and overjoyed when the bad guy dies. Are You Aware? All these shows lead us away from God’s word. The Bible teaches us not to hate, kill, cheat and …

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Imagine a World…

filled with hate and anger so much so that no one can say anything they believe or feel is good without being ridiculed or bullied. It’s not that hard to imagine since almost everything you watch or read is about anger, hate, killing and most of all social bullying today. It’s Happening Now Turn on …

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