Take What You Need

Take What You Need from the Bible One of the many good things about the bible is that you can read only what you want or need. You don’t have to wade through commercials; just find the page you want and read. Whatever you are looking for help with you will find. It is that …

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Life…In General

The Divine posters are keeping me on my destined path but every day events cause me to move off that path. These events are the typical daily and not-so daily occurrences of taking care of things around the house that I would normally do on the weekends. But sometimes the weekend projects don’t allow for …

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Stay on The Path

Ever since I have been given the gift of knowing my destiny; I have been focused on completing the tasks given to me by the Holy Spirit. It has been a very uplifting journey and one that has changed my thinking and my life. Of course it is not so cut and dry as it …

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